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"Wii-volution" HDMI enabled, 160GB HDD packing Wii: are you fooled?

"Wii-volution" HDMI enabled, 160GB HDD packing Wii: are you fooled?
Conrad Quilty-Harper
Conrad Quilty-Harper|April 1, 2007 2:03 AM
As of writing, there's still a few hours to go until the day that pranksters worldwide like to call their own. Unfortunately that doesn't mean we get to escape from the droll task of reporting on outlandish and suspect game console rumors. This latest one is the most unlikely example we've seen for a while and it's not just the claimed features that stir our suspicions. The premise of the "Wii-volution" rumor is that Nintendo is on the verge of releasing a version of the Wii with an HDMI port and a 160GB Hard Disk Drive integrated into the base of the console. The evidence is an extremely pixelated and blurry photo which points to something on the panel of a black Wii. We're just speculating here, but we think that model could potentially be a developer's kit. And with that, we already feel stupid for in any way taking this kind of half hearted rumor seriously. Hopefully, tomorrow's efforts will be a lot more convincing.

Update: Not that we needed to tell you this, but the original source of the image suggests that .