Apple leads PC World's 50 Best Tech Products of All Time

Mat Lu
M. Lu|04.02.07

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Apple leads PC World's 50 Best Tech Products of All Time
Everybody likes lists and rankings; there's just something that fascinates people about them, and they're always good for an argument or, as the case may be, selling magazines. Squarely in this latter camp is PC World's list of the Best 50 Tech Products of All Time, which editor Harry McCracken writes in to tell us features seven Apple products, more than any other singe company. These are:
  • #2 - Apple II (1977)
  • #6 - iPod (2001)
  • #14 - Mac Plus (1986)
  • #21 - iTunes 4 (2003)
  • #30 - OS X (2001)
  • #34 - Original Airport Base Station (1999)
  • #41 - Hypercard (1987)
One thing that jumps out of this list to me is that only one of them, Hypercard, came out of Cupertino during the period that Jobs was gone from Apple (well maybe the Mac Plus, too). In any case, it clearly shows how much Apple has been on a roll since Jobs' return. I also think that at least one more product should be there: the original Powerbook 100, which more or less established the notebook computer form factor we have to this day. So let the debates begin, dear TUAW readers, what did the PC World editors screw up?
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