Nokia Sports Tracker keeps tabs on exercise routines

Look, if you haven't seriously considered one of the myriad of other exercise tracking applications for your mobile already, it's highly doubtful you'll start today, but for those looking for a streamlined program to work seamlessly on their Nokia S60 smartphone, now you've got it. The Nokia Sports Tracker unfortunately doesn't keep tabs on your favorite scores, but it does encourage owners of a Nokia S60 3.0 phone (with integrated or Bluetooth GPS) to get out and move those aging muscles a bit. As expected, runners will be able to view speed, distance, and time -- all of which will be automatically stored to your "training diary" -- but there isn't a mapping feature built-in just yet. Of course, the biggest boon to this here tracking software is the totally reasonable pricetag, so be sure and tag the read link to snap this gratis program up, but make sure you actually make good use of it, you hear?

[Thanks, Antti]