Another K.I.T.T. up for sale: the years have been cruel to Hasselhoff

So it looks like the last two decades have been hell on the once proud Knight Industries: after a disastrous attempt to leech onto the dotcom boom by having Michael Knight trawl the internet for cyber-criminals with his virtual sidekick C.L.I.P.P.Y., the company was forced to disband its FLAG division and sell off most of its assets, including cars, semi-trailers, and saddest of all, RC3 and Bonnie. The upside of this blow to vigilante law enforcement was that car nuts could finally get their hands on an original Knight Industries Two Thousand (only ten were ever made), with a version hitting the auction block in 2004, and now one of the four original K.I.T.T.s up for sale by a California business. Kassabian Motors is offering the 1982 Pontiac Trans Am V-8 for a cool $150,000, which gets you a restored interior, those retro light up controls, and of course the snazzy red nose scanner, but unfortunately, no oil slick or Super Pursuit Mode. Finally, as a special bonus to overseas bidders, Kassabian will also reportedly retrofit the car with a CD changer sporting all of David Hasselhoff's many hits at no additional charge: "Michael, we seem to have a problem; these songs totally suck."

[Via Boing Boing]