Reader WoWspace of the Week: March 29 - April 4

This week's entry is a doozy. It is big in all ways that a WoWspace can be big. Lots of write-up, giant images, and 2 screens that just look huge. I never thought my 2x 20" screens would look small. How wrong was I...

Hey, wowspaces moderation folk! Long time reader, first time submitter...although, i guess everyone is a first time submitter. anyways! Here is my wowspace, with a little description of it all.

Let's start out with the monitors first, my pride and joy :P those are 2 24" dell widescreens, each running at 1920x1280 resolution. the laptop is a 13" black macbook. All three of these screens are connected to the same keyboard and mouse, which navigates across all three screens through a virtual KVM program called Synergy. This is nice, since it lets me run processive intensive apps on the mac, while my desktop can be dedicated to running WoW.

So, what about the desktop specs you say?

Athlon 64 4200+ processor
2gb of DDR2 533mhz ram
geforce 6800 ultra card, 512mb video memory
7200RPM, 300GB hard drive.

The laptop is a 1.8ghz intel core duo macbook, 1gb of ram - it does the job when im out of the house :)

Both systems are connected to a Creative Gigaworks G500 sound system.

Here's a closer view of the UI - I custom designed the whole thing from the ground up so that it would take advantage of the monitors as much as possible. as you can see, a viewport mod moves the playable area over to the right a little bit, so that my character isnt stuck split in between both f the screens. Of course, WoWHead is up on the laptop display, along with some other applications for managing the rest of my life :P

Next is a (blurry) view from the top of the computer. That purple blob would the the innards of my desktop, all nice and blacklit. You can see the classic rainbow mac logo on the macbook, that white apple is just so boring. also viewable in this pic are my mx1000 mouse, wireless keyboard, and the control box for my speakers.

One last pic, with me and the setup, hehe. HORDE PRIDE!. Gives you an idea of the size of the displays, and some of the other stuff (like IM) that i run on the laptop.

I really hope you guys will consider this for a future WoWSpace of the week, great site you guys maintain, i try and check it daily!

Jeremy aka Moonmaster of Lightninghoof (Horde - US)

So there you have it, a fantastic submission from Moonmaster! If you want to see your WoWspace featured here, please send your submission (just like the one above) along with photos to