Fate goes big-head chibi

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Andrew Yoon
April 6th, 2007
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Fate goes big-head chibi

Some of our readers expressed great hope for Capcom's newly unveiled PSP fighting game, Fate. The game, which is based on a popular anime series (which is, in turn, based on a popular adults-only hentai series). The series has captured the attention of a wide audience, some who have been allured by the maturity of some of the characters.

A new magazine scan reveals that the Fate game is going in a completely new direction. Characters will be portrayed in the chibi artstyle, meaning they'll feature very large heads and eyes. This form, meant to be appealing to children, shows how this once adults-only series has transformed into something completely different. Will fans of the series approve of this startling new art direction for the series?

[Via PSP-Vault]
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