Peter Dille wants to go camping with you!

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|04.06.07

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Nick Doerr
April 6th, 2007
Peter Dille wants to go camping with you!
Not exactly. He wants to be more open and let people inside the workings of Sony... so, sorry. No camping yet. Anyway, a large review of Sony's and the PlayStation 3's performance was posted a few days ago. It's interesting, but most of the fresh meat comes from the last few paragraphs. Everything else is, admittedly, recap of what we as gamers have seen and experienced. Feel free to read it from the beginning. We'll work from the end.

Will Sony engage in negative advertising -- attacking the competition (like saying you have over 100 titles right before a new console launches)?
  • Peter Dille: "Our position hasn't changed. You generally see the number 2 guy be negative. But when you're the market leader, with 110 million PS2s sold, you act differently. People will come onto PS3 in their own time; that's not something people talk about, but we have a large rabid fan base. We'll communicate with gamers in a way that doesn't talk down to them by speaking to gamers' expertise."
Have you noticed all the Sony-hatred out there in the past year?
  • Peter Dille: "We're not blind to some of the tonal things out there. It's an ongoing education effort. We need to have people understand the value of the console with the technology that will drive the product for 10 years. We believe that we approach the product a little bit differently. We need to not be defensive about analysts or press reports, because they might not understand the business or where we're coming from."
You guys at Sony used to be pretty closed to the public. Tell us about your changing ways!
  • Tha' Dille: "For 10 years, we engaged the outside world in a certain way. There are some new faces in the management team; I left and came back, but I've brought a new approach to PR. We want to be more open, we want to share more, let them inside the tent and challenge us, and that didn't always happen. We kind of made our own bed. It can't be done overnight, but we want to tell the story. I think we've tried to change. We weren't always open, so it reflects a shift."

Great! What do you guys think, will the PS3 successfully market a decent comeback over the next year, or will they remain in a negative light? Will anyone want to get inside the tent with them? We'd like to think Dille is onto something... so we'll stroke our beards and mutter incomprehensible babble as we wait and see.
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