Shinji Mikami + David Lynch = development heaven?

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|04.06.07

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Shinji Mikami + David Lynch = development heaven?
You may know Shinji Mikami not by name, but by project -- he's one of the main creative forces behind games like Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, and the strangely forgotten about Dino Crisis. He's left Capcom and is currently an external board member on the newly formed SEEDS studio, born from the ashes of Clover Studios. What's surprising is that prior to Clover's closing, he actually formed another, private development team called Straight Story -- named after the crazy David Lynch movie. No worries, any projects he releases will carry the SEEDS brand, so there shouldn't be too much confusion there.

As an aside, Mikami apologized for the multi-platform-itude of Resident Evil 4 and how he knew some people bought a GameCube just for that game... then it came to PlayStation 2. It seems like he harbors a little resentment towards Capcom... probably why he left.

Anyway, Mikami told Famitsu that he's currently working on a couple of projects, but there won't be too much released about them until well into 2008. However, he plans to show something around summer regarding a project he's working on with the fellas that churned out the psycho-trippy Killer 7. Wonder what he's cooking up?
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