Ace Combat 6: a Timed exclusive for the 360

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|04.10.07

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Ace Combat 6: a Timed exclusive for the 360
Back when it was just a rumor circulating a Microsoft-centric website, Famitsu scans revealing Sony-staple Ace Combat 6 pushed onto the 360 seemed like another hit against Sony. Turns out it is, but it's not a critical hit for massive damage. Just a regular ol' hit, since it has recently been revealed that the title will be a timed exclusive for the 360.

The news is taken from the PS3Forums, but they've gotten the information from the Official XBox Magazine, so we're going to let this one slide as the truth. The thing is -- when the PS3 owners get their hands on it after a few months, what sort of special features or tweaks will have been made? Seems we've something to get excited over after all. Oh, and no, the screenshot isn't the actual boxart. But it's a cool one.
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