Ouendan 2 release date, partial song list revealed

Kyle Orland
K. Orland|04.11.07

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Kyle Orland
April 11th, 2007
Ouendan 2 release date, partial song list revealed
Japan's Famitsu magazine (as translated by NeoGAFer JonnyRam) has leaked word of a May 17 Japanese release date for the next game in the Ouendan series. The magazine also features a partial song list for the game, full of a bunch of Japanese bands and tracks you've likely never heard of. Not to worry -- the intrepid hunters over at Platformers.net have gathered up some handy YouTube links for listening to ten of the 19 revealed songs.

Sure, we're looking forward to the recently announced Elite Beat Agents sequel too, but there's something about Ouendan's catchy J-Pop tunes that get our stylus fingers tapping that much faster. Maybe it's because, in Japanese, we can't understand the cloying, saccharine lyrics behind the catchy beats. Hooray for the language barrier!

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Read - Release date and partial song list
Watch - YouTube videos of ten songs
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