Going all Grindhouse with your controller

Dustin Burg
D. Burg|04.13.07

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Going all Grindhouse with your controller
After posting about the new Red vs Blue content on the Marketplace, we checked out Rooster Teeth's website and stumbled upon their latest comic. We must preface the ensuing discussion by saying that we do not support cutting off your arms or legs for the sake of gaming. But, if you so choose, we will not hold it against you. Okay, carrying on. After giving the comic a look over we surprisingly enough came away with new found knowledge. We learned that going all Grindhouse on your extremities just for the sake of having controllers for hands may seem genius at first, but in reality it's a horrible idea. That is unless you want to be a human gamepad and have people line up to play with your hands. Then you'd be golden! She's an entertaining comic, so just go take a look at her already.
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