NIS America open to releasing titles on non-Sony systems

Steven Bailey
S. Bailey|04.14.07

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NIS America open to releasing titles on non-Sony systems

Jeffrey Fleming from Game Set Watch had a chance to interview RPG fan favorite publisher NIS America (Disgaea). In the interview, he asks if NIS plans on just keeping Sony platforms as their target for game releases. Here's their response:

"For a long time, NIS America has been releasing titles for the PS2 and PSP, so some people might think we are solely dedicated to Sony, but that is not true. Our goal is to provide quality games and services to all game fans, and looking ahead, there are several platforms that can help us reach out to a broader audience and gamers can expect surprises from us. Of course, we will also continue to work closely with Sony, providing great games for PS2/PS3/PSP users as well."

So while they have no intentions to be a Sony exclusive publisher, they do plan to still support them. Here's hoping our favorite portable continues to get the NIS love.
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