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Fujitsu's LifeBook S2210 and P7230 laptops reviewed

Fujitsu's LifeBook S2210 and P7230 laptops reviewed
Darren Murph
Darren Murph|April 15, 2007 2:26 AM

It'd probably be tough to find anyone eying an ultralight laptop that hasn't given either the S2210 or P7230 (pictured after the jump) at least a glance, but just in case you're only moments away from pulling the trigger on either, you might want to reconsider. Unfortunately, it sounds like both of Fujitsu's latest LifeBooks underperformed in the areas that mattered most, and as PCMag put it, shoving a full-fledged PC (with an integrated optical drive, no less) into a three- to four-pound frame requires quite a few tradeoffs. Reviewers found the choice of processors somewhat necessary considering the tight spaces, but the sluggish performance within Vista was irritating to say the least. Additionally, upgraded machines tended not to be good values, as boosting the RAM, hard drive capacity, and optical drive drove the price "beyond the reach" of most business laptop customers. Still, the highly portable nature of both machines is impossible to knock, so if you're willing to be a tad more patient whilst working, and don't mind unusually small keyboards, both machines should handle whatever you throw at it -- albeit at its own lethargic pace.

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