Compressor 3 details

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Erica Sadun
April 18, 2007 3:30 PM
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Compressor 3 details
On Sunday, Apple announced Compressor 3 as part of Final Cut Studio 2. So what will this new version of Compressor bring to the table? Quite a lot it looks like. According to Apple's what's new page, new features include nicer compression presets and reusable batch job templates. Compressor 3 can now export to Apple TV and Blu-ray formats and it looks like you can do a lot more with watermarks and filtering--although that basic functionality has been available since Compressor 1. The new Geometry controls allow you to better reframe your source material when you convert between aspect ratios and avoid excess black borders.

I am at best a casual Compressor user, so I recommend you visit the features page yourself for more specific information.
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