Square-Enix shifts around some management arbitrarily

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|04.18.07

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Square-Enix shifts around some management arbitrarily
This is turning into some kind of Square-Enix day. However, this bit of news is a little more managerial and mundane. Still worth noting. Yoichi Wada used to be the American CEO of Squeenix, but that's changed. Now the torch has been passed on to John Yamamoto. He's also the new company president, replacing Daishiro Okada. Don't get us wrong -- Wada is still involved, he's just been moved to president and representative director for the global operation of Square-Enix. Sounds important!

With all this talk about America and Square-Enix, it makes an old school RPG'er think back to the days of Squaresoft, USA. Does anyone remember those days? They're best known (in my heart/mind) for using the Secret of Mana engine and tweaking it to release an incredibly fun, but understated and overshadowed by poor localization, title known as Secret of Evermore. Loved it. People hated it because they thought it was a Mana sequel. No, fools. It wasn't. The point is -- will the American side of Square-Enix ever release anything again? Or will they continue to sit back and let Japan flex its muscles? I, for one, would like to see some stateside Squeenix action.
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