Sprint PPC-6800 (HTC Titan) in the wild

Canada's Telus may be in the process of beating it to the punch, but that's not stopping Sprint (and Verizon, for that matter) from prepping its own variant of the HTC Titan, the PPC-6800. A PPCGeeks forum member recently got the enviable opportunity to screw around with a prototype of the Sprint-branded unit -- and besides coming away with a veritable cornucopia of imagery, they've posted a few key details: in addition to rocking Windows Mobile 5 AKU 3.3 (Pocket PC Phone Edition, of course), the device will use a Qualcomm MSM7500 to push bits and bytes at around 400MHz (as we've already seen in its XV6800 sibling) and end up with about 174MB of usable Flash and 49MB of RAM. Of course, this is a prototype -- specs are subject to change -- but seeing how the Telus version is already on the streets, what you see here is probably darned near what you're going to get. Follow the break for some key shots.

[Thanks, Brian C.]