Import game releases for the week of 04/22/07

Steven Bailey
S. Bailey|04.22.07

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Import game releases for the week of 04/22/07

Every week we give you the lowdown on what's happening in the PSP import scene. You then can choose if you want to buy some, and use your PSP's ability to play games from any region. This week, we a visual novel and more map software for Sony's GPS. If you're brave, check out the full details.

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Minna no Map 2

If you live in Japan, or plan on going to Japan, Minna no Map 2 would be the ideal buy. Then again, you probably wouldn't need to import it in that case. While Japan is on their 2nd set of GPS software, the US still has yet to get the peripheral.

Snow Portable

Snow Portable is a visual novel that has you conversing with cute girls and discovering their secrets. There's also a main plot about a mystery from the past, but let's face it, the girls are the draw here. Not really worth importing, unless you know Japanese since the game is just images and text.

There's also the Best (greatest hits) release of Doko Demo Isso: Let's Gakkou!, and the Best re-print of Monster Hunter Portable (presumably because it's sold so much).

That's it for this week! Check back with us next week for hopefully more import games.

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