Last Week in Warcraft, April 16th - 22nd

Elizabeth Harper
E. Harper|04.24.07

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Last Week in Warcraft, April 16th - 22nd

Miss out on some news from the past week? Not to fear! We've got you covered with the highlights of the previous seven days here on WoW Insider. Have a question, comment, or suggestion about the posts you see here? Contact us!

WoW Insider catches up with machinima-maker Oxhorn for an interview.
If you could buff any class... which class would you pick?
All the 2.1 patch info you could want, including tier 6 gear. And speaking of tier 6, you may be interested in seeing Mr. Stormrage's own worst-dressed list.
Not tonight, honey, I have a raid.
Do you have an opinion on the game's most ganktastic zones?
We want more mini-games!
Casual or hardcore -- do you like the daily quests?
Does old Azeroth need a revamp?
WoW Insider asks: why do you keep playing?
To all the twinkers out there -- some changes are in store for you in the 2.1 patch.
Mike introduces us to five must-see quests for level 70s.
How do you decide when an alt becomes a main?
Blizzard: we're happy with priest healing. Priests everywhere burst into tears.
What's your "I never want to do this again" quest?
On every hunter's wishlist: taming your own mount.

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