BlackBerry 8830 World Edition announced for Verizon, Sprint

Brian White
B. White|04.25.07

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BlackBerry 8830 World Edition announced for Verizon, Sprint
We've been salivating a bit since hearing the BlackBerry 8830 would be released sometime in May on Verizon Wireless, and our dreams appear to be coming to fruition. Hey, a BlackBerry with 2GB microSD support and possible built-in iTunes got our heads rockin' -- what can we say? With word on the street that Telus (in Canada) and Verizon (U.S.) would be the first carriers to get the new 8830, this morning's news confirmed it. Both Verizon and RIM announced today that the CDMA / GSM worldphone is coming to Verizon Wireless on May 14. If you're into a full QWERTY BlackBerry with CDMA EV-DO support in addition to GSM / GPRS (900 and 1,800 MHz only), you're about to be rewarded for your patience. Sprint customers will have to wait until July -- but starting tomorrow, interested customers can pre-register at the carrier's site.

Read - Verizon press release
Read - Sprint pre-registration (starting April 26)
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