Cooking Mama cooking tips and infomercial

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Cooking Mama cooking tips and infomercial
It's no secret that many players found the Cooking Mama: Cook Off controls just a little frustrating. Instead of being a game that could highlight the further potential of the Wiimote, what we ended up getting at a whopping $50 price tag (for what really should have been a budget title) was a game which highlighted Wiimote issues. Some who don't fear the Nintendo Defense Force might even have defined these issues as "problems." This made Mama angry and you wouldn't like Mama when she's angry. So, Majesco came out with some tips on how to improve your Cooking Mama: Cook Off experience:
  • For rolling truffles, place the Wii Remote flat in the palm of your hand, as if it's the truffle. Once in your hand, roll the Wii Remote in your hand as if it's the truffle.
  • For egg cracking, hold the Wii Remote up in the air vertically and bring it down as if there is an invisible bowl in front of you.
  • To grind meat, hold the Wii Remote horizontally in your hand and make the crank motion as if there is a meat grinder in front of you.
  • For stirring, hold the Wii Remote upside down and stir as if it's a spoon.
  • To flip items in the frying pan, flick your wrist as you would with a real pan. Three flips consecutively will earn you bonus points.
  • Cracking 3 eggs with only one initial attempt will earn you bonus points.
  • In certain recipes, you can turn the heat up or down on the stove before the direction reaches the line.
After the break we have an "infomercial" perfect for late-night viewing. We don't even feel the need to say anything about it, but the simple fact that we put it after the break probably tells you something ... watch if you dare.

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