Gilbert Arenas is the NBA Live '08 cover

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Washington Wizards basketball player Gilbert Arenas may be getting the greatest gift a basketball player, who also happens to be a gamer, can get -- the cover to this year's NBA Live. According to the Washington Times the guard beat out LeBron James for the cover. Arenas had previously quipped last year during the hype to get a PS3 for launch that if he name dropped that he was LeBron James he'd have gotten a system early.

Sadly, Arenas tore his knee earlier this month and won't play the rest of the season. Well, while he recovers he can check out his picture on the cover of NBA Live and play with himself ... er, control himself in the game. Now that he's made the cover of NBA Live, if Arenas wants to get ambitious and show he's the true gamer/athlete he can pick up soccer and football to make the covers of FIFA and Madden over the next couple years.

[Via EvilAvatar]
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