Heavenly Sword scans show off enemy numbers... kinda

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|05.03.07

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Heavenly Sword scans show off enemy numbers... kinda
Blam! The latest issue of EGM has just started circulation, but already we've gotten a hold of the scans from their Heavenly Sword exclusive mumbo-jumbo. What can we say? The game still looks great, even in magazine form! In addition to some great pictures, there's this tasty quote about how fluid and fantastic the battle system will be: "We've got a level of grace and fluidity in our combat. You move in a dance-like state where you're doing a lot of complex maneuvers, and the more crazy stuff you execute, the more style points you accumulate...If you pick up a shield, you can throw it, and if you hold down the button, you'll go into this flying camera with the shield and maneuver it while it's in midair. Same goes with shooting the crossbow." Awesome.

We've got a lot to look forward to in this title, to be sure. While not for everybody, for the majority of those seeking a next-gen action game not centered around incredibly beefy men with giant guns, this should be the ticket. As I've said to my friends: "I'd rather play as a girl in a game, especially with customizations, because I feel weird if I'm a guy trying to find the best chest-wax add-on to make my man more muscly and attractive."
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