Spider-Man 3 spins a web, misses and falls into delaysville

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|05.02.07

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Spider-Man 3 spins a web, misses and falls into delaysville
For those of you living under a gigantic rock that prevents any sort of common knowledge from seeping in, the film Spider-Man 3 is coming out this friday. With it, there was supposed to be some kind of video game entertainment dealie coming out as well on practically every system ever made. Don't get us wrong -- the Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, PC and DS will still get their Spidey on, but not the PS3 in the UK.

Activision UK lifted up that rock and shouted into the ears of Pro-G: "We're like, totally delaying Spider-Man 3 until, like, May 18 here in the UK!" Believe it or not, Activision UK's PR department is indeed run by Californian Valley Girls. Anyway, there was no reason for the delay... at least none given. Why would the game be delayed in the UK but not anywhere else? Don't point fingers at Sony -- this is Activision's doing. We know you might think Sony just loves screwing the UK, but this time... Activision is giving you something to cry about. Don't worry -- two weeks isn't that long.

[Thanks, Colin! Er, other Colin? Colin McP!]
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