Extended PSP battery gets positive review

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Extended PSP battery gets positive review

Ready to fork out $100 on a new PSP battery? It appears that the recently revealed "15 hour" battery from Blue Raven seems to get the job done. Although the battery increases the size of the system, Mike Antonucci from The Mercury News, notes that it adds a great deal of comfort to the system: "The battery comes as part of a rubberized, five-ounce half-shell that the PSP slips into easily, leaving the back of the device encased in a manner that offers a comfortable, balanced grip."

There are a few flaws with the battery. One, users must remember not to plug the AC adapter into the wrong port. Using the port on the system may be damaging. Also, $100 is still quite a sizable amount to spend. However, the peripheral comes with a great recommendation: "I'd buy [it] as a consumer."

Those interested in purchasing the battery can visit Blue Raven.

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