Buzz-building booklet

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From hosting parties with Wii ambassadors to tagging along with touring bands, Nintendo has been pushing its new system in lots of creative ways. It's helped a lot to spread the word about the Wii to not just traditional gamers, but lapsed and non-gamers as well.

Our latest issue of Nintendo Power came in the mail packed with a 12-page booklet promoting the console's features. Considering that most of the magazine's subscribers likely already have a Wii, this doesn't seem noteworthy at first, but turning to the last page, Nintendo has a message encouraging people to pass around the advertising piece.

We doubt that there are many situations where you'd want to evangelize Nintendo with the booklet, but it sounds like an effective way to give information about the console to someone who's interested in the Wii, but doesn't know much about it. Jump past the post break for the scanned message.

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