Brica's Viewart 1000 is the new jack of all trades

Darren Murph
D. Murph|05.07.07

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Brica's Viewart 1000 is the new jack of all trades

We should preface this one by pointing out the impossibly low $265 pricetag as a dead giveaway that the Brica Viewart 1000 can't possibly be as good as it sounds, but we'll humor you anyway. This palm-sized conglomerate purportedly acts as a DVR, media player, video camera, still camera (shown after the jump), a PC webcam, image viewer, MP3 player, radio tuner, audio recorder, text file viewer, and a handheld gaming system, and just in case this wasn't good enough, there's also support for a bevy of languages, a built-in calendar, seven EQ presets, PAL and NTSC compatibility, and a horde of cables are thrown in to get you connected. Oddly enough, you won't be doing a whole lot of video capturing on the meager 2.5GB (512MB of internal space plus a 2GB SD card) of included capacity, and the 2.5-inch backlit monitor could probably induce squinting, but when you're getting close to a dozen devices in a 3.5-ounce device, you should certainly expect a fair amount of shortcomings.

[Via Gadgets-Weblog]

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