Palm Treo 755p review roundup

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|05.09.07

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Palm Treo 755p review roundup image
Palm Treo 755p review roundup image
Despite offering little more than a mild refresh to its already-ancient predecessor, initial reviews of Palm's latest and greatest Garnet device have been overwhelmingly positive. The same Palm OS niggles of old are still there -- the lack of multitasking capability is pretty hard to swallow at this point -- but for business users looking for familiarity and a time-tested formula, the platform simply can't be beat. Call quality and signal strength both seem to be quite good, a larger battery adds a wee bit of weight in exchange for improved standby and talk times, and the absence of an aerial is a welcome change that makes the Treo's overall design appear marginally less dated. If WiFi isn't a priority (keep in mind EV-DO picks up some of that slack), it looks like the 755p might be a great way for folks to get in on what'll likely be one of Garnet's last hurrahs.

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