PlayStation Network to add video, advertising, and more

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PlayStation Network to add video, advertising, and more

Gamasutra was at the Online Game Developer's Conference in Seattle last week, writing up SCEA's Michael Shorrock's session on the components of the slightly amorphous PlayStation Network. Don't think it's just the PlayStation Store and online gaming functionality -- it will also include services like video-on-demand "delivering full-length movies, music, and TV programs direct to users via PS3 and PSP." And that's not all! There will also be wireless functionality for "gaming via PSP and mobile devices," in-game / network advertising to deliver ads straight into your eyeballs and, of course, the Home service.

Shorrock discussed Home's "pavilions" -- think islands in Second Life -- citing possibilities for third-party developed pavilions which could be distributed for free or as paid content. He used an example of casinos with mini-games, although he was unsure how developers would choose to monetize the service.

We'd be remiss if we didn't point out that the scale of this new and improved PlayStation Network sounds increasingly like Microsoft's multi-pronged Xbox Live service, which not only enjoys a burgeoning video marketplace, but has potential for in-game advertsing (Microsoft purchased Massive, an in-game advertising company), while Live Anywhere promises wireless cellphone gaming. But it's not a race, right? Let's just be happy that good ideas are getting the attention they deserve.

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