Croteam announces their serious PS3 project

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|05.15.07

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Croteam announces their serious PS3 project
Croteam, makers of the hotly debated "is it cool or is it too silly" title Serious Sam, have announced a new PS3 project slated for 2009 release. After the crazy action found in Serious Sam, we'd be interested to see if they're continuing on their kooky streak, or will take a more serious tone with their work. This untitled new game will be published by Gamecock Media Group and will not be a sequel in the Serious Sam franchise.

Mike Wilson at Gamecock issued this statement on the upcoming title: "It's definitely in a genre they are familiar with and will exploit their experience ... These guys also have a strong sense of style and design, so you will find the premise and gameplay intriguing ... You know that the one thing Croteam is the best at - better than most every other developer in the world - is making games that are frantic and, most importantly, fun. This title is definitely both of those things."

From this quote, we imagine the game will be a first-person title with fast, frantic action. Not much else is known, so we'll find out later, probably. There are a few screenshots available and they look a lot more "realistic" and serious than previous titles, but it might just be a front to fool us. Thoughts?
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