Glide's Twist-Together decorative LED light cubes

We've seen instances of in-house LED lighting and decorative blocks before, but Glide Inc. is melding both worlds into a single glowing building block project with its Twist-Together devices. The blocks are LED-based to keep energy costs at a minimum, but the real fun begins when adults realize that they're really buying a set of useful LEGOs on steroids. Glide insinuates that these fixtures can be arranged in just about any combination that your brain can fathom, and can even be used as props in furniture if your mischievous kids have taken a toll on bar stool legs and bookshelf dividers. The modular lighting solution was showcased this past weekend at BKLYN Designs' annual show in New York, and while we're not sure how much these things will end up running you when they hit niche shops in the future, returning to a state of childhood innocence is simply priceless.