EA's NBA Live cover Gilbert Arenas prefers NBA 2K series

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The next time EA decides to put an athlete who's an actual gamer on their NBA Live cover, it might help to have vetted him first. As Jon Robinson of IGN points out in a piece about who will replace Shaq as NBA 2K's cover athlete, Gilbert Arenas would have made sense. In a Q&A session on NBA.com last November when Arenas was asked if he plays NBA Live he answered, "No. I play NBA 2K. It's real, the NBA 2K. The other one, now ... it's too fake."

Robinson points out that while 2K was looking at Arenas for their cover this year, EA Sports grabbed him and got his signature on a contract to promote the game he has described as "fake." Arenas is apparently giving feedback to the team behind NBA Live on how to improve the game and "taking an active role in the product." Given the reviews for the last NBA Live title, hopefully Arenas is spending plenty of time with the EA team improving the game while he recovers from a knee injury. If Arenas actually helps in turning the franchise around it may usher in a new era of gamer athletes who don't want their likeness on a mediocre product.
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