Joystiq Podcast 007 - Synergy edition (feat. Shawn Andrich and Dennis McCauley)

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Joystiq Podcast 007 - Synergy edition (feat. Shawn Andrich and Dennis McCauley)
Arriving fashionably late is the latest installment of the Joystiq Podcast, double-oh seven! No, it's not "Bond edition," it's "Synergy edition." Why synergy? When you combine guest host Shawn Andrich, of the popular Gamers with Jobs Conference Call podcast, with discussion of Jaffeton you can't help but feel the synergy. Roll in some discussion with GamePolitics blogger -- and Joystiq columnist -- Dennis McCauley, and thinks get downright synergistic.

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Hosts: Christopher Grant and Justin McElroy

Guests: Shawn Andrich (Gamers with Jobs) and Dennis McCauley (GamePolitics)

Music: "We Weren't Put Together" by David E. Sugar

0:01:30 - Spider-Man 3 synergy ("who cleans up all that webbing?")
0:12:36 - Sony goat of war II ("red phone")
0:21:07 - PlayStation 4 is coming ("fourth dimension new chipset")
0:27:53 - GTAIV "limited" on 360 ("it makes no qualitative difference")
0:33:38 - LucasArts' Fracture ("everybody's a miner")
0:41:00 - Wii release calendar ("What're ya' buyin'?")
0:49:55 - Dennis McCauley on Clements High maps
1:03:48 - The Jaffeton (censored)
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