Brawl countdown reveals nothing, Nintendo Power picks up slack

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Brawl countdown reveals nothing, Nintendo Power picks up slack

That countdown at just concluded, revealing ... absolutely nothing, and we don't mean absolutely nothing in a GTAIV-trailer-crashed-our-servers way. The page simply reads "starting today (Japan time)."

What's starting today? Since they're not saying anything, we'll turn to our friends at Nintendo Power, who happen to be really close friends with Nintendo. The "Don't Miss Calendar" in the latest issue -- #217 (pictures prove it's real) -- trumpets "Sakurai delivers the blow by blow." They continue, "Beginning May 22nd, Super Smash Bros. Brawl director Masahiro Sakurai will post a daily blog on regarding the title's progress and any other topics that tickle his fancy. Rumor has it that he'll be revealing Fabio as the next playable character."

IronSword cracks aside (and that is a good one), is Sakurai's blog what all this hubbub was about? Sounds like it to us. Hopefully his first post, which should show up in the next 23 hours, will shed some light on why a title that Kojima described as "very complete" wasn't on this morning's release calendar.

[Thanks, hvnlysoldr]
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