Medal of Honor: Airborne box art and hands-on preview

Peter vrabel
P. vrabel|05.21.07

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Medal of Honor: Airborne box art and hands-on preview
CVG had an opportunity to spend some precious time on EA's Medal of Honor: Airborne. For those that haven't been following the latest in the Medal of Honor franchise, Airborne allows gamers to parachute anywhere onto the map that they desire, providing beacons only as mere suggestion. The fighting is intense, unpredictable, and comparisons to the Call of Duty franchise result in Airborne winning for its visceral and maddeningly chaotic game play. The new level of AI is being titled "affordance AI" which relates to how well the enemies respond to you and your team's actions. Impressions from the latest coverage also seem to mimic earlier predictions of a best-seller status for the new title. Look for more on this soon. Its projected release date is gearing up and still stands for late August.
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