Samsung YV-150 voice recorder / DAP hybrid

Sure, it's possible to add voice recording functions to a tried and true digital audio player, but Samsung's making your life a lot easier by wedding the two into one highly pocketable device. The YV-150 measures in at just 33- × 97- × 18.3-millimeters, weighs a mere 40-grams, and can last a purported 20 hours on a pair of AAA batteries. The device comes in both 512MB and 1GB flavors, sports built-in speakers, and plays back MP3, WMA, and FM radio. Additionally, this unit can record your memos or replace your ears in lecture hall when you're just too tired to remain alert, and it supports a number of quality levels to fit your circumstances. Samsung also threw in software that converts text to MP3 files for those who prefer aural learning, and while we've no idea if the YV-150 is destined for America, you can snag the half gigabyte rendition in China for 1,249CNY ($163) or double the capacity for 300CNY ($40) more.

[Via EverythingUSB]