Can't get enough PSP podcasting? We visit AGI

Steven Bailey
S. Bailey|05.24.07

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Can't get enough PSP podcasting? We visit AGI

PSP Fanboy has visited the likes of All Games Interactive before, and despite this, they asked to have us back. For those unaware, All Games is an internet radio station that plays gaming news and music. It's essentially doing for radio what G4 originally tried to do for TV.

Our segment begins an hour into the show, and we cover a variety of topics, including colored PSPs, Sony's Gamer's Day, overlooked games and the general state of the handheld. Even a few jokes are thrown in for good measure. While you'll want to tune in for the PSP segment, please note the entire show is worth listening to. Give it a listen, and remember that we'll be producing our very own podcast very soon.

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