Surprise ruined: Fallout 3 countdown is for teaser trailer

Ross Miller
R. Miller|05.29.07

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Surprise ruined: Fallout 3 countdown is for teaser trailer

Remember all the joy you had speculating over Blizzard's countdown to Starcraft II? Were you heartbroken when Nintendo Power revealed what the Smash Bros. site would change before their clock went to zero?

Bethesda VP of Public Relations and Marketing Pete Hines dropped a spoiler in our mailbox this morning: a Fallout 3 teaser trailer will be released next week, coinciding with the end of the countdown. Given the capitalized text that says TEASER next to do the countdown, we think it's safe to assume that this is the focal point of next week's revelations.

"But why?" you may cry, "why Joystiq, why did you ruin the anticipation and not at least put spoiler alert in bold letters to give us a warning?" Because we're the party pooper, that's why. Now run along and enjoy the concept art they've released over the past few weeks. Having a Liam Neeson film on in the background helps, too.

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