Tetris goes 3D, but better than Welltris

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Tetris goes 3D, but better than Welltris

The best thing about this homemade Tetris shelf unit? You don't have to build it out of whatever pieces randomly fall out of the sky. The second best thing? It holds your stuff. Well, not your stuff-- not until you decide to follow the tutorial on Instructables and build your own set.

We love gamer crafts to death, but they usually aren't functional. These shelves not only look like things that are in a video game, they also can be used for doing things.

The first person to build a shelf set based on a layout from Mode B of Game Boy Tetris wins 1,000 DS Fanboy points. (Offer only applies to players who do not hurt themselves with tools while building shelves. Also, points will not be awarded.) Oh, and sorry if we offended any Welltris fans.

[Via Siliconera]
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