Rerolling or alt-itis?

Amanda Rivera
A. Rivera|05.31.07

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Rerolling or alt-itis?

Reading through the forums I have seen several posts about people wanting to reroll characters, and this confuses me. I am an altaholic myself, and I spend my time spread between 9 characters, the 10th being our guild bank alt. I might even say I have more alts than that, considering the two I created for It came from the Blog. What this means is that when I log in, I choose a character to play based on how I am feeling at the time. Sometimes I feel priestly, sometimes I feel the need to rage against the world.

But back to the concept of rerolling. Rerolling a character, as I understand it, entails completely deleting the character you have been working with in order to start anew. I have had friends that did this, one in particular that deleted his hunter in favor of a priest, only to regret the decision later. I asked him why he didn't just leave the character since you have 10 slots to work with. The only reply I got was a /shrug.

I find it hard to imagine that I would abandon my mage and start playing an entirely new character, possibly even on another server. I have spent so much time with her, she's as much part of my family as my dogs, and you could argue more of a part of my family since she has been around longer and I spend more time with her than I do them (if anyone tells them this, I will deny it to your face.)

I thought I would bring this up to the readers, because I simply don't understand the allure of abandoning one character to start another. I play all my alts pretty regularly, which probably explains why I still have no epic flying mount. If you have rerolled characters, what was the draw, and if you have considered it, why? Is rerolling somehow better than my alt-itis?

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