Exams delay development of 3.50 OE

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Andrew Yoon
June 1st, 2007
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Exams delay development of 3.50 OE
Much to the chagrin of Sony, Dark_Alex has been constantly creating open edition revisions of Sony's official firmware, which allows capable PSPs to run homebrew while playing the latest games and taking advantage of any benefits found in the official releases. Surely, this whiz programmer must do nothing but stay alone in his basement, programming furiously for the benefit of the homebrew community?

Not really. As reported by MaxConsole, the psuedo-celebrity programmer is currently taking exams, delaying progress on 3.50 OE. Supposedly, Sony has also made the latest firmware a bit more difficult to work with "because SCE changed the prx format those are now elfs marked as 0 sections. This means that current tools cannot disassemble those and thus it will be harder to reverse." Hmm ... sure.

Gamers that rely on Dark_Alex's open edition releases will have to be patient for the next release. However, considering the latest update focuses mostly on PS3 connectivity, will these release matter much for the homebrew community?

[Via PSP-Vault]
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