Is Perplex City over? Writing staff leaves Mind Candy

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Alexander Sliwinski
June 1, 2007 5:28 PM
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Is Perplex City over? Writing staff leaves Mind Candy

If you were a fan of alternate-reality game Perplex City, which finished its first season earlier this year, we regret to inform you that Season 2 has been unofficially canned. The writing staff has moved on due to some internal issues with the game's developer Mind Candy.

Adrian Hon, the lead designer of Perplex City, writes, "In particular at Mind Candy, there's the Story Team: Andrea, David, Jey and Naomi, all of whom are also moving on to different places and projects."

Hon doesn't explain in detail what happened, but it looks like the brains at Mind Candy have left the building. The next season of Perplex City was to start in June and Hon even says that the puzzle cards for the season are at the offices. Hon goes on to say that he's not at "liberty" to say what went wrong, but says fans of the series should feel free to email him. With any luck, Hon and some of the crew will move on to a company that they can work with on another ARG.

[Via Wonderland]
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