World Series of Video Games to air on CBS

Because you can't spell "boredom stricken" without CBS. Thanks to that venerable network, you'll be able to watch gamers from across the globe play Quake 4, Guitar Hero 2, Fight Night Round 3 and World of Warcraft from the comfort of your couch in ... Video Game ARMAGEDDON! No, it's the World Series of Video Games. But we can dream, right? The tournaments start filming soon and will air on four weekend days this year, the first being July 29. The play-by-play will be done by Greg Amsinger, who two of you may know is returning after calling the WSVG Finals on College Sports Television.

We jest, but we'll probably end up checking it out. But we make no promises that we won't remember after five minutes that video games are fun to play and be forced to abandon the WSVG for more interactive pursuits. If you'd like to have your five minutes of fame, more information is available on the WSVG Web site, though it seems to be having some troubles at the moment.