Top five Halo 3 beta weapons

Dustin Burg
D. Burg|06.04.07

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Top five Halo 3 beta weapons
Game Daily whipped together a list of what they think the top five Halo 3 beta weapons are in their current state. Making the list at number five is the slightly less powerful Rocket Launcher with the Chaingun, Brute Spiker and Shotgun all making an appearance. And what's Game Daily's favorite Halo 3 beta weapon that they feel has the most pwnability? Old trusty herself, the sniper rifle. Though, we can't help but notice that a few of our favorite weapons are absent from their list including the beefed up Needler, the punishing Spartan Laser and the good-in-any-situation Carbine. So, we can't help but disagree.

Now we ask you, fellow fanboys, what are your top five Halo 3 beta weapons? Missile Pod need not apply.
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