GameFly rate increasing by $1 due to mail and game cost

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GameFly rate increasing by $1 due to mail and game cost
GameFly announced today that they'll be increasing their subscription fee by $1 across all plans. It was bound to happen, and after five years it isn't so bad. GameFly says the increase is due to the postal rate hike and higher cost of console games ... and we're sure the new distribution center had a little something to do with it.

A $1 hike isn't really something we can complain about, considering the service saves us, at least, $120 to $200 in game purchases per month. They've even updated the GameQ to more efficiently order your games -- and if you want to just buy, their store deals are the best. There's also a silver lining in the understandable, but still bad, news. GameFly is offering loyal customers the option to lock in discounted rates at 3, 6 and 12 month increments. That way, if you pay upfront, you can get a subscription for cheaper than what it costs now. A good deal if you know you're gonna stick with the service.

We've placed the new billing structure after the break.
All accounts billed on or after June 18 will be charged at the new rate:
  • One game plan: $15.95
  • Two game plan: $22.95
  • Three game plan: $29.95
  • Four game plan: $36.95
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