New Army of Two screens celebrate militaristic dualism

Ludwig Kietzmann
L. Kietzmann|06.06.07

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New Army of Two screens celebrate militaristic dualism
The meaning of the clichéd phrase, "Two heads are better than one," has always been pretty obvious to most (ask a second head to explain it to you if it's not). Two people working together stand a much better chance of surmounting problems -- that much we know. What the phrase fails to highlight, however, is how effective those two people can be when they're both equipped with unnecessarily large guns. If that's the case, problems have a habit of becoming entirely surmountable, awkwardly posed corpses.

Though devoid of any such defeated problems, the latest batch of screens for EA's Army of Two (taken from the Xbox 360 version) serves as a reminder of not only the game's sharp visuals, but its emphasis on cooperative combat from behind cover. We've seen jump-in-anytime online play before in Gears of War and Crackdown, but it's not something we've yet seen enough of. If anything, our gallery should get you excited for the inevitable sequel, Army of Two 2, set to feature a deranged Anglican bishop clone out to conquer the world with his deadly robot ballerinas.



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