Get peaceful with Harvest Moon

Alisha Karabinus
A. Karabinus|06.07.07

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Get peaceful with Harvest Moon
Okay, maybe everybody's going a little overboard with the chibi look. Sure, we understand that this is Harvest Moon and there's no reason for them to change anything, but after seeing the new trailer and screens, we started to realize that everything looks pretty familiar. Where have we seen this style before ....

Harvest Moon: Tree of Peace
aside, since it gets a pass, do you think it's possible that after all these other tiny-people-games come out, we might have a short break from childlike characters? Don't get us wrong. We love their big heads like ice cream and think they're just as cute as can be. It's just everywhere. But don't let us distract you from what's important -- like the trailer after the jump and the fresh new gallery.


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