Vampire Rain goes gold, hits stores on July 3rd

Ludwig Kietzmann
L. Kietzmann|06.07.07

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Vampire Rain goes gold, hits stores on July 3rd

Microsoft has announced that the Xbox 360 will soon be assaulted by moist plasma dependents in the form of Vampire Rain, which has gone gold and will commence its unrestrained display of sucking on July 3rd. Developed by Japan's Artoon (you'll see more of their work in Blue Dragon this August), the game has been summarized by internet pundits in much the same way it was originally pitched in a board meeting: Splinter Cell with vampires and, err, somewhat lower production values.

Those hoping to judge the game for themselves and play the demo can call on any of their Xbox Live friends who happen to have accounts in Japan, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Mexico, New Zealand or Singapore. The absence of a US demo at this stage seems a little suspicious, if only because international impressions indicate that Vampire Rain falls mainly on the plain side of things. That's not something you want people to know when you dangle a $60 game in front of them, now is it?

[Via Microsoft press release]
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