Cavaliers fans to watch the finals in 3D HD

Ben Drawbaugh
B. Drawbaugh|06.08.07

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Cavaliers fans to watch the finals in 3D HD
FSN OhioThe best thing about using a series of games to decide the champion of a league is the fact that fans from both teams get to experience at least one home game. But even when your team is away, people often still gather and watch the game at the arena (if not on their big screen); and this year the Cleveland Cavaliers arena-goers are going to have a better viewing experience than most. Rather than watching the away games on the side of a building, though, they'll be catching the action in glorious three-dimensional HD -- with a little help from 3D motion imaging specialist PACE. The game will be captured with PACE's Sports Fusion 3D HD camera systems. Then using TI DLP projectors, it will be displayed on four 46-feet 3D screens. So, even if you aren't a basketball fan, if you're anywhere near the Quicken Loans Arena on Sunday at 9pm, you might want to check it out -- assuming you can even get in.

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