Beware of supertwink

Elizabeth Wachowski
E. Wachowski|06.10.07

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Beware of supertwink

We've had people try to get exalted with every faction. We've had people try to get every pet in the game. We've even had people who want to five-box every class to 70. But today, I think we may have met the person who has put the most time and effort into non-endgame WOW -- Dirtybishop.

Dirtybishop is a level 19 human twink on the Blackrock realm. At first glance, his profile looks pretty normal. Engineering goggles, WSG rep rewards, Meadow Rings of Eluding, ridiculously high-end leg armor and enchants. It's well-known that low-level rogues can get amazingly high dodge chance by stacking agility, so he's got a lot of agi enchants. But ... wait, what's that in the trinket slot? Brooch of the Immortal King? Skyguard Silver Cross?

Yes, this 19 twink is exalted with Sha'tari Skyguard. I don't know how he did it, although the prevailing guess is that he was summoned to Skettis and stood out of range of the experience and in range of the reputation gains. One of his guildmates said it took their mains four and a half weeks to farm Bishop the trinkte. I have no comprehension of the amount of effort this person has put in just to do WSG over and over and over again -- nevertheless, you sort of have to admire that single-mindedness. Plus, if he ever decides to level, he'll have a nice flying mount waiting for him.

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