PlayStation Underground survey hints at PSP-PS3 possibilities

This one's coming from user sqrtlsqd7 over at the PS3Forums. We've all gotten those e-mails from PlayStation Underground about new releases on the PS Store, or little announcements about games coming out, just released, or off in the distance. What sqrtlsqd7 brings to our attention is something we had nearly forgotten about -- surveys. When we first signed up for the PlayStation Network, we took a survey. But these questions were not found there.

If you can't read the screenshot above, Sony is asking about what you'd like to see with PSP/PS3 connectivity. The ideas highlighted are:

  • Side missions or unlockables for PS3 games on the PSP,

  • Transferring media wirelessly to the PSP (not just what we've got now, we mean broadcast television and new levels for games),

  • Using your PSP while playing the PS3 as additional weapon or utility (radar, 2nd controller, etc),

  • Recording your gameplay for boasting abilities later on in life.

These ideas are interesting. It sort of reminds us of the connectivity between the GameCube and GameBoy Advance, specifically in regards to Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and the Game Boy Fire Emblem games. Except, you know, with a lot more options available. What do you guys think? Would more advanced connectivity options with the PSP get your juices flowing? Would you snag a slim PSP if these proposed ideas came to fruition?